"Authentic Italian Taste since 1966"

Always just the right taste and texture you'd expect from an authentic, premium sausage.

Appetito sausages burst with flavor. At Appetito, we distinguish our products by using only Primal Pork Cuts and enhancing the tastes with a unique blend of spices and flavorings. We are one of the few sausage makers in the country to fill each sausage casing with only whole muscle meat, no trimmings. This commitment to quality has enabled us to build a loyal family of repeat customers who know they can rely on us to deliver a line of the finest sausages available.

sausages        Sweet/Mild Italian Sausage
        Hot Italian Sausage
        Luganiga Sausage
        Pork Sausage
        Pork Bracciole
        Lower Fat Sweet Italian Sausage Links
        Lower Fat Sweet Italian Sausage Patties
        Lower Fat Hot Italian Sausage Links
        Lower Fat Hot Italian Sausage Patties
        Sweet Italian Sausage with Peppers & Onions
        Italian Sausage with Imported Provolone Cheese
        Sweet Pepper and Onion Sausage Patties - Frozen NEW!
        Sweet Italian Sausage Patties - Frozen  NEW!
        Sweet Italian Sausage Patties Picnic Pack - Frozen  NEW!
        Sweet Italian Sausage - Frozen NEW!
        Sweet Italian Sausage Picnic Pack - Frozen NEW!

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